An intercultural party full of emotions

On Friday October 24, 2014, we celebrated the 1st edition of Diwali Barcelona,​​organized by Orientalia and Atmósfera Oriental.

It was a family celebration where children, teenagers, adults, young and old people, men and women shared with hope and optimism, the arrival of the New Year (Diwali). It was an intercultural celebration where those who already knew about Diwali and those who came to discover it, shared endearing moments; learned about Indian crafts, enjoyed Bollywood performances and danced all together. There was time to enjoy food, time to admire the craft show and time for dancing to the beat of Bollywood.

For us, it was particularly moving to see, in the eyes of young Indians, happiness and enthusiasm to celebrate Diwali together. One of them told us “Thank you for organizing this event now! It is important to us and we need it. ”

The climax of the festival was the celebration of the “Pooja” (a tribute to the goddess Lakshmi). Indeed, the long line formed to receive the bindi and the candle, as well as the offering ceremony were moments that strongly impressed us by the high spiritual and fellowship charge it spread out. It was like flying to a magical world in the heart of Barcelona!

Diwali Barcelona 2014

We are proud and honored to have celebrated Diwali Barcelona 2014 amongst so many people showing a big smile, full of curiosity and excitement for some of them, happiness and optimism for others.

The party would not have been successful without the cooperation of dedicated persons like Orientalia team members and Dev groups Nataraj, Som Bollywood, Bollywood Chamma, Jem and Vica Nuni Kaur, Tike Bollywood and Dil Se.

Thanks also to Jenika Lachman and Kanchan Khemlani who officiated Pooja with “Maestria”.

We also thank Casa Asia as well as La Casa de la India and Just India for their support and we feel fortunate to have Indian culture advisers.

Finally, we emphasize the happiness we felt when we received videos of Indian artists wishing to all Barcelonians a Happy Diwali.                                                    From Barcelona, ​​we also wish prosperity and happiness to Sunita Bhuyan, George Jacob, Rajesh & Rakesh Sai Babu and Chani: lavni Dance Europe.

Thank you all for making possible the first edition of Diwali Barcelona and see you next year!